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Success starts with tools. Tools of SEO that help us work on projects. Sometimes we lack an accessible SEO toolset, so we have to create it first. Though we can’t make all the products publicly available, we’re ready to share a few advanced practices. At no charge.

Our efficient SEO tools allow you to discover and implement the most suitable keywords for your site, detect content and link building options, comparing to your top rivals. Moreover, get to study and analyze page metrics and monitor your online presence – all possible with our free tools, instrumental to your success.

Yandex Wordstat Assistant

is an extension for Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox that accelerates manual data collection with a word choice service Yandex (wordstat).

Count Words Query Analyze

is a tool for analyzing visits to the site measured in the number of words in the request. Tracks and determines search page rankings.

URL Linker

is a professional URL linker that adds support for the dynamics of Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, Targeting VKontakte, and myTarget.


is an online service that clusters a semantic core.

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