YouTube marketing

If you’re interested in growing your online business using advanced YouTube ad tactics and strategies and creating videos that rocket to the top of YouTube’s search results for keywords that your customers search for every day – we make all this possible. Our employees work with your brand on two fronts:

  • getting new subscribers;
  • advertising your video.

The work on the videos

youtube seo

We market your videos and get more targeted traffic from YouTube. The more prospects that are ready to buy you have, the more your popularity rises. We make sure you get more YouTube views fast with your existing videos.

What we do

  1. We’re preparing a strategy for implementing various forms of advertising and considering the frequency, timing, quantity of said ads:
  • In-stream (runs before a video).
  • GDN (runs during a video).
  • In-display (your video is targeted to audiences similar to your brand’s).
  • Remarketing (increases repeat visitor rates and engagement).
  1. We’re adding multiple goals and several different calls to action, boosting the effectiveness of the combination of video and marketing tactics.
  2. Analyzing and reporting on the work.

We neither shoot commercials nor fill up your channel with content. We do not market your business on YouTube using SEO services, tactics, and strategies. We advertise on social media, encouraging viewers to click on your store.

Advertising clips

How we work

We help your videos go viral through advertising. To launch a YouTube video ad and optimize your campaign to make the most of your budget we do that:

  • We’re setting up a YouTube video advertising campaign using Google Ads.
  • We’re defining, identifying, and understanding your target audience, focusing on your business topic, geo-location patterns, and keywords.
  • We’re tracking changing dynamics of traffic.
  • We’re introducing amendments to ad campaigns if necessary. 

How we provide costs calculation

The budget is formed at the expense of advertising costs on Google Ads. Although we might adopt a decision setting the minimum amount required for meaningful delivery of the work.

  • First month’s rent: you pay for the initial setup (a monthly fee) plus Google Ads advertising costs.
  • Second and subsequent months’ rent: you pay for our services (a monthly fee) plus Google Ads advertising costs.

We offer