XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file for search engine crawlers. It contains:

This data helps search engines to index your website faster and understand its content better. So if your website has no XML sitemap, you’re missing out on an opportunity to improve your rankings: search engines might simply not have a clear idea about the content of your website.

Which websites need an XML sitemap, and which don’t

A sitemap is not a requirement. It is a recommended feature that helps bots and web crawlers to understand websites better.

A sitemap is unquestionably beneficial if your website:

Сreating a good XML sitemap that can help search engines instead of hindering them is a task that requires a thorough analysis of your website and your competitors.

We can create the sitemap for you for £16.

Creating a sitemap.xml for your website

We start with analysing your website and your market to determine the order of priority for the pages you need to promote. This means more traffic to the pages that bring your orders and sales.

As a result, we will create a good XML sitemap that will be clear and transparent for web crawlers. You will also get a list of priority pages to optimize further and increase traffic.

We offer


With 9+ years of experience in search engine marketing, our experts have promoted a wide range of diverse projects from medical products and services to online stores working in challenging and competitive niche markets.


Since 2013, we have devised our own work algorithm for fast and effective results. For every project, we involve a team of specialists in their respective fields:

  • a team lead to manage the promotion and draft the plan of action;
  • a webmaster to find technical errors that hamper promotion;
  • a link builder to do link promotion;
  • a semantics expert to determine search queries for promotion;
  • an optimizer to fill the website with high-quality optimized content;
  • an account manager to communicate with about any questions you might have.

We divide our responsibilities to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable: our specialists each work within their respective area of expertise to make our services affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.