Website call tracking

Call tracking is essential for any business that wants to get a clear picture of their website conversion data. If you’re not tracking calls that come from your website, you’re most likely missing out on some pretty important information. 

Why do you need it

Call tracking is necessary for a complete and reliable representation of the effectiveness of investments in advertising and promotion, as well as the redistribution of costs in favor of the most conversion methods. Even if you set up analytics on the site in as much detail as possible, prescribe UTM tags in links from all traffic sources, you will only track online conversions (orders and purchases on the site). At the same time, in different niches, the share of users who do not make an order online, but call the company, can be up to 90%. Without call tracking, information about these conversion calls will not get into your analytics.

How website call tracking works

  1. The client sees the advertisement
  2. The client calls a replacement number
  3. The call goes to the company
  4. Call tracking tracks the call
  5. Service generates data in a report

The system provides 2 types of call tracking, depending on the tasks you plan to solve.

Dynamic call tracking

Allows you to track which keywords from contextual advertising calls come from.

A pool of phone numbers depends on the number of visitors. Each site visitor sees a free number from the pool, so that you can understand which ads and phrases bring calls.

Static call tracking

Allows you to reduce the cost of call tracking on sources where detailed statistics are not needed.

There is one number for an advertising channel.

Suitable for contextual advertising business cards, for tracking calls from static channels, for billboards and other offline advertising.

Why to work with Semantica

Semantica uses only advanced techniques and software developed specifically for business tasks. All this eliminates mistakes.

We provide detailed reporting, which you can receive monthly. Visual materials are simple and understandable for customers. This allows, if necessary, to adjust the strategy and to see the desired result of traffic.

Contact Semantica

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