Traffic-based promotion

Traffic-based promotion means optimizing your website to attract the target audience – that is, users who: 

This is what we call targeted traffic.

Why your website needs traffic

Traffic-based promotion helps increase website traffic. It’s simple: the more visitors come to the site, the higher the chances that your offer will catch their eye.

Traffic-based promotion works for any fields and types of websites that offer goods or services there’s a search demand for.

If 1,000 people are searching “buy children’s clothes in Manchester” online, they can all be your customers. But if no one’s search query says “where to get a bioreactor in London”, there is nothing a traffic optimizer can do: there is no demand for your goods, so there are no users to attract from the organic search results.

The key criterion to judge the effectiveness of a promotion campaign is traffic via relevant queries. To boost it, we familiarize ourselves with what you do and put together the queries that users enter to find the needed goods or services.

With the search queries relevant for your business we can get traffic to your website. Then we start optimizing your website by increasing the number of landing pages – the pages that users will see in the search results.

We charge £160 per month for our work, with additional charges for every attracted user.

How we do it


We improve the website content to underline your competitive advantages and optimize it in line with Google guidelines.


We offer suggestions on how to make your website easier for users to interact with.


We set no limits on the number of search queries, because our priority is targeted traffic.

You will get:



Since launching in 2013, we have worked with different businesses from restaurants to medical clinics, tackling a variety of tasks: increasing traffic, generating leads, and helping websites suppressed by algorithmic filters.


We have over 50 employees with specific skill sets: link builders to work on link promotion, semantics experts to handle the semantic core, and optimizers to take care of the content. As our client, you will also have a personal account manager you can contact with any questions you might have about your project.