SEO audit

No website is immune to technical errors that tell the search engines the page is substandard, which prevents it from acquiring a ranking on key search queries or showing up among top search results. 

We conduct SEO audit services of a web page to discover and fix the existing errors.

When you need it

Here’s a couple of probable scenarios.

Number one: you launch a promotional campaign online to attract new customers. In this situation, you require a technical audit before you start on SEO, otherwise you might waste money. With technical issues, you will not be able to improve rankings, and your site will not rise to the top of the search results page.

Number two: you noticed something is wrong – a dramatic drop in traffic, or, say, you had 20 clients coming to you every month, and now you only get 5. In this case, it’s possible Google penalized your website – a technical SEO audit will help to figure out what failed.

Number three: you have a young SEO specialist on your payroll, but they don’t have a lot of experience, and you don’t quite understand how to monitor their activity. In this case, our SEO audit and recommendations become the starting point for your optimizer.

We charge £2.2 per page – the total amount will depend on the size and state of it.

What we do

We have our own checklist on examining and applying criteria. Here’s a small part of it:

Why you shouldn’t neglect ordering a SEO auditing service

Without a technical audit, you won’t know about potential faults in your code. Only experts on search engine guidelines detect all the snags.

We have our own extensive technical audit checklist to make sure we don’t miss anything. We use it to give you a thorough report on what’s operating right and what isn’t.


Since launching in 2013, we have cooperated with different businesses from restaurants to medical clinics, tackling a variety of tasks: increasing traffic, generating leads, and backing websites suppressed by algorithmic filters.

We have over 50 employees with specific skill sets: link builders to work on link promotion, semantics experts to handle the semantic core, and optimizers to take care of the content. As our client, you also have a personal account manager you contact with any questions you have about your project.


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