Targeted marketing

To sell a product or service, you need to know who they are intended for, the target audience, and all your efforts should be directed to this part of the market – at Semantica we offer targeted marketing advertising web service in order to simplify that task to businesses. 

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The target marketing strategy means the development of separate marketing activities for each market segment, the study of the needs of different target groups and the formation of a special offer for each target market, the use of different advertising messages and ways to promote the product in each segment.

Benefits of targeting in marketing

The advantages are obvious: 

  • such a strategy avoids direct competition with market leaders, allows you to gradually strengthen your business and establish yourself in the market; 
  • allows you to gain narrow segments of consumers, which in total can make up a good market share, 
  • helps to form the necessary investment and resource base to enter larger segments.

Types of audience segmentation

Customer segmentation is a determining factor, as it allows you to better understand the audience portrait.


It is based on criteria that we can easily collect and that allow us to target a potential market. We take into account gender, age, nationality, level of education, profession, income and marital status.


This type of segmentation is based on your visitors geolocation, and this is one of the simplest criteria. It allows you to offer marketing actions depending on the place where visitors are located, as well as climatic conditions.


Behavioral segmentation is based on how visitors behave on the site.


It is based on the lifestyle of visitors: their interests, personal qualities, values, beliefs. In order to get this information, you need to interview your visitors directly through surveys and questionnaires.

Is targeted marketing effective

The method has shown its effectiveness for the following situations:

  • the company is small and does not have the resources to build mass distribution of goods and use mass high-coverage communication channels;
  • the market in which the company operates is highly competitive and differentiated;
  • consumers of the target market significantly differ in their needs and there is no way to satisfy them with a single product.

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