Structured Schema org Microdata

Your website might contain a variety of things – articles, goods descriptions, comments, video reviews, etc. Search engines can’t always tell what content a webpage has. For example, Google might struggle to understand the topic of your video, and so it won’t know which search query it could be relevant to.

microdata structure

In order to help search engines understand more about the content of your website, you can include structured schema org data for classifying the types of content. It helps Google to better understand and index your website.

Why you need Schema org microdata

Search engines are always trying to provide the fullest answer to a user’s search query. Sometimes they do it right on the search results page, and there is no need for users to go to a specific website at all. 

For example, a user is looking for cinema times. If the cinema has structured data labels, the user will see the upcoming showtimes right on the results page and make their pick. As a rule, this information shows up in rich snippets – information blocks with enhanced display.

Microdata markup is used for specific types of information, such as:

We will mark up all the data on your website. Google will understand it better and display it on the search results page. You will get better ranking, your clients’ loyalty and an additional presence in the search results via rich snippets.

We charge £2.4 per page. The total sum will depend on the number of pages that need to be marked up.

Examples of structured data

When webmasters stick to structured microdata standards, Google rewards their websites and companies by featuring their content in a range of SERP features.

Let’s discuss those features on Google – we’ll talk about some of them.


They display as images with descriptions related to a search, e.g. smartphones, singers, or news articles – users can click through these pics to access a separate SERP for that query. 



Videos work similarly to carousels – they feature videos instead of images. Users can see these results to directly access and watch each video.

videos microdata

Display information relevant to a search query and link to a third-party site. Featured snippets can also be displayed as tables, or the question rubric titled “People also ask”. 

snippets microdata
faq microdata

Knowledge graph cards

Connect the most relevant information from a query and show it up as a separate panel on the right side of a SERP. They often include category-specific information. 

knowledge graph microdata


This section displays on any page that lists questions & answers and allows users to access them straight from the SERP, extending your result vertically, taking up more SERP room and encouraging your site to stand out.

sem services


This feature shows up a page’s content on the search engine results page so users can obtain that information, featuring video, text, and images.


Email marketing

You can send your recipients emails for, e.g., confirmations via Gmail, making your email subscribers’ lives easier with email markup.

email marketing microdata



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