SEO activities increase the attendance of the resource, conversion, improve the results and website status in Google. As a result of well-done work, the number of calls and orders grows, the company's profit grows, and the brand status strengthens.

Professional SEO marketing services include:

  • project audit, analysis of the state of the resource and its components;
  • the study of search positions in the output, semantic core development;
  • detailed study of the site structure;
  • internal, external and technical optimization of the resource.

Stages of work

  1. You leave a request on our website. Our specialist contacts you within half an hour to clarify the goals and KPIs.
  2. We audit your project, study the target audience, the market, the competitive environment, and current positions.
  3. We drew up a work plan and forecast the results.
  4. We proceed to work and submit detailed reports every month.

How much does the site's Google search engine optimization cost

Websites can be promoted inexpensively if you use SEO. Proper optimization will ensure stable results for a long time. Once invested in SEO, you will receive targeted traffic from search engines for many months without additional financial expenses.

The price of website promotion in search engines consists of the following factors:

  • Current search results positions
  • Age and rating of the site
  • Type of website 
  • Number and behavior of competitors
  • Semantic core quality

What Semantica can do for your business

Semantica has created a SEO company consisting of specialists who know how to create and implement highly effective marketing strategies into our services. And we don't just assume that our strategies will work. We have been putting forward theories for years and implementing them into work in order to get really working techniques. With their help, we will provide you with the highest possible return on investment.

Why Semantica

  • Comprehensive work considering all the site parameters.
  • We take into account the niche specifics and competitive features of the business.
  • We use proven promotion methods and our own developments.
  • We work only with "white" promotion methods and do not risk your site reputation.

Work with Semantica

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