SEO website migration

Moving an existing website to a new domain is needed when you:

Moving your website without losing traffic or rankings is entirely possible. You won’t have to go back to square one with promotion.

How to manage new website migration from an SEO perspective

The main concern with moving a website is to preserve what you’ve already achieved – rankings, search engine traffic and easy access for users – as much as possible.

This can be solved with the correct redirection setup. Users will be entering the old address, but will automatically end up on the new domain. The main challenge here is that without the relevant knowledge and experience, it’s not possible to configure this correctly.

We can take care of moving your website to a new domain or hosting service from A to Z by:

You get your new domain, and we will do our job following the search engine guidelines so that you can quickly recover your rankings and traffic after the move.

Our fees for this service start at £326. The total sum is calculated based on the size of your website: the larger the website, the more expensive it will be to move it.



With 9+ years of experience in search engine marketing, our experts have promoted a wide range of diverse projects from medical products and services to online stores working in challenging and competitive niche markets.


We divide our responsibilities to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable: our specialists each work within their respective area of expertise to make our services affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Since 2013, we have devised our own work algorithm for fast and effective results. For every project, we involve a team of specialists in their respective fields:

  • a team lead to manage the promotion and draft the plan of action;
  • a webmaster to find technical errors that hamper promotion;
  • a link builder to do link promotion;
  • a semantics expert to determine search queries for promotion;
  • an optimizer to fill the website with high-quality optimized content;
  • an account manager to communicate with about any questions you might have.