SEO Strategy

Site promotion requires development of a strategy – a detailed plan that will include a program of further steps for the next six months or a year. When a specialist starts working, the tactics should become his reference book that will guide and discipline them. Among the other services, Semantica creates SEO strategies for websites. 

Who needs a detailed plan


If you are tired of spending your budget on promotion and not seeing a real result, we are ready to develop an individual tactic for your case:

  • for small and medium-size businesses;
  • for marketers and marketing department in order to structure your workflow;
  • for startups and young sites in order not to make mistakes at the initial stage.

You may implement the plan by yourself or entrust us with the implementation and turn to our agency.

What is SEO strategy

Optimization is all-round development and promotion of a site for its getting the first positions in search results for selected keywords in order to increase traffic and boost income.

The tactic in that case is a plan to achieve a certain position for a certain period of time. The goal indicators should be:

1. Measurable. Not just “increase traffic” but “get 1000 visits per day”.

2. Achievable. You must not only set a goal, but also set aside adequate time to achieve it.

Optimization does not have a universal recipe for success. Each case should be individually treated.

Strategy in detail

Creating a promotion plan is a complex and time-consuming task that includes a number of stages. In general it can be divided into 2 major steps, which are the basis for planning.

Competitive analysis

The more you know about the opponents, the better you can establish your workflow – it’s better to learn from others' mistakes. The first thing to do is to analyze competitors’ sites, starting from the visual appearance and content, ending with different technical features and keywords used.

Site audit

This item is closely related to the previous one. The results research of competitors that you did earlier need to be conducted with your site. Now you know all the mistakes and successful decisions of your opponents. It’s time to apply this on your own project.



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Tactic is not everything

After developing and implementing a promotion strategy, we need to monitor the results regularly. Do we meet the planned time? Do we manage to reach the desired positions and traffic? If something goes wrong, the mistakes should be noted and corrected in time.

This approach should be followed throughout the entire path of promotion - developing a good strategy is not the key to success if it is blindly relied on and if the failures are kept ignored.

Committed to giving you our best

  • projects are run by a group of experienced specialists, each of whom controls their own special area;
  • joint efforts of the client and the agency – your knowledge and experience in your industry will help us achieve results faster;
  • successful cases and grateful customers’ reviews are the best compliments to our work.

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