SEO data analysis

SEO Data Analysis is the main «pillar» on which yours further developing and scaling like an entrepreneur is based. And Semantica will lend you a helping hand.

Large volumes of information are produced daily. A percent is used for review and improvement. Even though the percentage is insignificant, the actual volume is enormous.

Given the ratio of such amount and sufficient time lack, valuable knowledge is the collecting ability, analyzing and understanding useful information for businesses. Therefore, online research methods are relevant.


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What is SEO Data Analysis

That is the complex process divided in:

  • defining collecting information criteria;
  • information collection;
  • highlighting or main cleaning;
  • direct research;
  • data interpretation;
  • results visualization.

It all directs on getting information to aid in business decision-making.

In general, it can be divided into:

  • quantitative;
  • quality.

The understanding of methods determines the direction and approach of campaigns advertising development, so the time spent on studying is worthy. But the best solution is to contact a specialized agency that provides SEO Data Analysis services.

It will create a comprehensive analytical report based on interesting indicators.

DA — useful tool

This development method is suitable in two cases:

  • business is not growing, a mistakes research is needed in order to draw up a new plan;
  • business is growing, there is no way to lower the bar by making mistakes so not to disrupt natural growth you need in-depth research of data and processes.

In two cases, it is one way out. But the way of achieving it could be different, depending on purpose.

Predictive Study

Answering a question «what could happen» based on SEO Data Analysis.

For example: prospect bought two units last year. Shop is planning to lower the price in half, for customers to buy four more. What if the previous units have not yet been used, or the client has decreased income.

Input amount provides accurate predictions.

Diagnostic Analysis

Answering the question of why problems arose during the promotion.

This method allows you to find a solution based on similar initial data. Similar to the principle of precedent in the European judicial system.


In addition to these two methods listed above, DA is diverse and suitable for any area of business.

The international SEO Data Analysis team will help you choose the right solution for your company.

Text Study

It all starts with analyzing the keywords that are used on the website. Semantic research with the identification of the core shows the optimization quality.

This method also includes the identification of patterns in the search results, using intellectual research tools.

The result is the transformation of ordinary words into business information aimed at promoting the company in the search engine results to the first position.

Statistical Study

Provides an answer to the question «what happened» based on the SEO Data Analysis of the experience of similar business models in two ways:

  • descriptive study — used for all information or a sample of numbers, shows the average deviation;
  • logical research — used for informational samples.

Prescriptive Study

Contains all the listed ways. Most companies choose it for its effectiveness. However, this method is a difficult and complex one.


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Therefore, Semantica offers the services, which will conduct reliable and complete SEO Data Analysis.

This will allow looking at your business from different angles, identifying mistakes, plan developing and avoiding new wrong actions that could affect your development.