SEO copywriting

SEO content copywriting services involve writing search engine ready texts and articles that will not only have a good effect on promotion but will also attract visitors and potential customers to your website. Get in touch with us to discuss it further.

About us

Semantica is one of the best in this sphere. You can expect:

  1. website promotion – the main target of our work is to increase web-visibility and to bring more organic traffic;
  2. up-to-time methods and strategies – we follow the industry trends;
  3. regular competitors market monitoring.

What do we offer

The way the optimization works may look quite simple. If the pages of your site are well filled, it will improve search results’ positions in Google and other platforms. However it takes much effort – you should not only write good texts, but also the media fulfillment has to be well prepared. We can help to optimize content for SEO.

Site promotion

Website traffic promotion is attracting targeted users from search engines. You will get an increase in the popularity of the resource and a wide audience of potential customers.

The main part of the cost of the service depends on the result, which are:

  1. referrals from organic search results;
  2. real people who stay on your site for a long time;
  3. visits on commercial keywords that can lead a real potential customer.

Here are some profits:

  1. as the promotion progresses, the number of target users who are looking for a specific product or service increases - you can turn them into customers;
  2. in the long term, organic search traffic is relatively cheap – in some topics the cost of switching from contextual advertising can be two or even three times more expensive than one natural visitor;
  3. the purpose of our work is to increase traffic to commercial pages with offers. Simple math works here: the more people see your offer for a product or service, the more of them will become your client.

Who are your SEO content writers

All texts are made by highly educated and experienced specialists. Before placing the finished version on your site, we head it to our colleagues of the quality department, who proofread and correct the materials if necessary. After that our optimization specialists send the corrected versions to the client in order to agree upon. Finally the texts are placed on the website’s pages and supplemented by videos, pictures and other media.

What topics do we work with

We can provide excellent quality content nearly for any industry. If we don’t have relevant competent staff members we will find appropriate outsourcing proposals if necessary. 

Why Semantica

We are leaders in the website development sphere. Our experience is huge, and we work with responsibility with customer's websites. Price is normal and it is known where does money goes

Where to find us

Generally we conduct our work in Russia, but nowadays our SEO copywriting and content creation services are available in the UK, London. All work is done online, so we can take any case.

Get a personalised estimate

We believe that every customer is unique so we are ready to develop an individual plan for the needs and features of your business. Do not hesitate contacting us to get information.