SEO consultation

Many company leaders are well versed in business, but would like to delegate promotion to professionals, so our SEO consultation services come to rescue.

Why do you need it

Consulting includes necessary tools for business positioning and formulating development strategy.

Detailed analytics

Website is a unique organism, the development plan will be different. It starts with detailed analysis.

Professional team analyse site in order to:

Website redesign

SEO consultancy service offers full page optimization to any start-up, as, as a rule, everything is done first on a whim, based on intuition and your own product idea.

Employees will check content for errors and literacy, correct keys use, give advice on visual design and analyze links for click-through rates.


The sales funnel will directly depend on the correct links setting, which may end if the buyer does not find the necessary order-form to fill out, prices or other information.

Pages may lead to non-existent domains, spoiled company impressions.

The same effect can be seen in the absence of feedback links. This can severely lower the customer's loyalty rating.


The term SEO consulting service also means identifying the semantic core of the business and carrying out optimization.

But the research is an accurate science, like mathematics, which should be dealt with by specialists who can use words to raise the position of a business in the rankings.

Step-by-step instruction

Information received. What's next? Now Semantica offers modern practices and helps to implement them in businesses. The SEO consultant service provides for support and further analysis of the effectiveness of the technologies used.

Experts will develop guidelines and methodologies that will guide you step by step towards success.

SEO consultancy services at Semantica