SEO semantic core research

Building a semantic core and researching keywords

If what you put on your website describes your company and your services without any thought to will remain undiscovered, because users will not see your website in the search results and go to your competitors instead.

To prevent that from happening, we can help you create a website and each page in a way that makes it resilient to competition and improves its Google rankings – order a semantic keyword research and reach your business goals.

Why promotion is impossible without good website structure and keyword research

Google uses crawlers to render and index your website, learning what you’re selling or what services you’re providing – the same way it does with thousands of other resources, including your competitors.

The service we provide includes:

Without this, you will fall behind your competitors and waste significant sums on a well-designed website that will bring you no profit.

We charge £77 per one promoted page.

Who needs it

Based on analyzing the niche market, the demand and the competitors, we build a semantic core that will be able to withstand competition. We use the compiled queries to adjust headlines, descriptions and content on the pages we promote.

You will benefit from this service if you’re promoting your goods or services online. Even if you have a one-page website, you should understand who your clients are, how they find you and how to beat your competitors at the search results stage.

What you will get is more traffic and better performance in organic Google search results. Your website will get more visitors, and that means better chances of them choosing your goods or services.

We offer


Our employees have valid Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct certifications.


Since launching in 2013, we have worked with different businesses from restaurants to medical clinics, tackling a variety of tasks: increasing traffic, generating leads, and helping websites suppressed by algorithmic filters.


We have over 50 employees with specific skill sets: link builders to work on link promotion, semantics experts to handle the semantic core, and optimizers to take care of the content. As our client, you will also have a personal account manager you can contact with any questions you might have about your project.