Pay per click

Internet users have come across advertisements popping up in search engines, for example, after entering a query for the nearest Asian restaurant. Everyday surfing internet routine makes these ads interesting for marketing companies. It operates by pay per click (ppc) marketing services.

Is it targeting? An artificial intelligence system that dictates your choice?

Everything is more productive, and works to your development. Websites provide this kind of advertising to users all over the world.

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What is ppc

PPC is a pay-per-click advertising, a type of online advertising where the advertiser pays for the click moment, when the target audience of the product, clicks on one of the pop-up online ads.

This model comes in two flavors: paid search advertising and media advertising, the main activity of pay per click advertising management companies and firms.


Paid advertising

The common option is search money advertising. “Clicking” ads are associated with Google Ads, Amazon Advertising and Microsoft Advertising. Which source will be popular depends on the country or even region. Visual banners appear in the so-called commercial search through ppc advertising google service provider:

The user enters a query in search bar, google pay per click expert starts to work:

  • fast – “Italian restaurant near”;
  • locally – “a carpenter in near area”;
  • or personal – “a gift for Valentine’s Day.”

Next to the main block, displays responses to requests, there will be specific products ad, prices, “buy” buttons.

In this case, the firm that ordered the advertising pays only for a real “click”, an action that the buyer takes consciously. In case, the company pays for the click on the ad.


In fact, this is also a pay per click, but in this case they use special banner ads with animation, embedded videos and other means of attracting the buyer’s attention.

Marketers consider this method to be effective, as it attracts attention, which means it has a higher click-through rate. Useful method.

In fact, if the user has already entered the required query, then the sales funnel has already been launched, so this statement can be questioned and used for affordable low cost pay per click advertising management services.

How advertising works

… and how the products end up on the same banner next to the search results.

In this case, the usual principal – pay more, more advertising – does not work. The organic formation of query results does not affect this part of the “Internet”.

The process is fully automated and similar to an auction – all ads are analyzed and identified for relevance for issuance for a specific searching.

This stage is able to control ppc internet advertising.

Intelligent system

In reality, everything is subject to rigid algorithms that can be adjusted by specialists. Here, as in targeting, it is important to correctly identify the selection criteria, target audience and question framework.

Incorrectly defined delivery factors will make banners irrelevant, and ineffective. The firm will pay money in vain and will not get a visible result.


The Pay-per-click advertising firm is bidding for you.

The action includes the main features: the advertiser places bids describing under what conditions they want to display the ad. Conditions are keywords.

First option is advertiser pay to publisher fixed money, and publisher divides it to every click and keyword. The price is permanent, but could be decreased in case of a long-term working plan.

Let’s take an example:

  • The advertising buying company specializes in organizing travel packages to national parks, oriented to pay per click (ppc) advertising cost;
  • The service can be interesting for searches “travel by car”, “national parks”, “tours to national parks”, entrust the selection of keys to a professional company;
  • When performing queries, the client will see your banner and click on it.

Making keywords core is a professional deal for special companies. It is important to examine user serchies at exact words they do. It makes your company relevant to their search and increases conversion.


In fact, ppc advertising agency or campaign management services has a single goal – to bring clients with following goals:

  • directed sales growth;
  • creation of leading directions;
  • brand recognition.

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Of course, the user can independently figure out advertising, as well as targeting it will take time, but nothing is unreal. To customize keywords, you need real experts using customized programs and intelligent systems.

In order to achieve real indicators, we advise you to contact us for advice and calculation of the cost of services.

We provide ppc management services in London (UK) on turnkey basis:

  • pick up keys;
  • we will develop, create media, if necessary;
  • put first position in the auction.

The most popular provider of advertising is Google. It gives users applications and instructions to implement PPC banners to your growth, but it is still hard to understand how it really works. For small businesses mistakes are taking money. That is why we suggest our services.

This is in the best interest to boost sales, provide business growing and high conversion level. For beginners ppc advertising websites prices are lower and needy.