Mobile SEO optimization

Mobile phones have dramatically changed our lives, and the way we use the Internet has therefore changed SEO marketing.

What Is Mobile SEO

Mobile seo is a type of search engine optimization designed for visitors who access the site via mobile devices. It did not make sense to devote time to optimizing websites for smartphone users and other devices with small screens earlier. Currently, the share of visitors using mobile devices has greatly increased.

Why Is it Important

The number of search queries for mobile devices is growing every day. In fact, 58% of all Google searches are now performed from a mobile device.

And this trend is rapidly gaining. According to Google, 27.8 billion search queries are performed from mobile devices rather than from desktop devices.

Is “SEO” Now About Optimization for “Mobile SEO”

Yes. At least if you are optimizing in Google.

Today 95% of all mobile search queries are performed on Google.

How to Mobile Optimize Your Site

The main features of mobile optimization are organization of content on the page for a small screen and "lightening" of the site version by weight, since the download speed and the power of mobile devices are usually less in comparison to desktop computers and laptops.

Therefore, all the main tasks are reduced to two: how to fit all the content on a small screen and what to leave out of the functionality of the site in its mobile version.

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