Linkbuilding service

Inbound links are a major factor for Google rankings. The more links point at your website from external resources, the higher your position in the search results is.

linkbuilding service

It might seem that you could just reach an agreement with owners of a variety of websites to place a backlink to your website and relax. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work. In fact, it could even make everything worse: Google might penalize your website for unethical promotion.

Checking any links that have to do with your website is crucial, since your link profile is one of the key ranking factors for Google. You need to pay particular attention to

Even if you think that your links are OK, you can never be totally sure. Your competitor might pay for garbage backlinks to put your website out of the top search engine results.

If your link profile has unnatural links, Google might consider your website suspicious and penalize it. In this case, you will lose your rankings, your traffic and your potential clients. Trying to win all of it back after pessimization is a complicated and time-consuming process. It’s much easier to audit your link profile regularly and avoid suppression.

We can help you check all the links, both internal and external. We will compile a comprehensive list and then apply our set of criteria to check every link on it.

You will get

Want to order SEO bad & broken links checking? Our fees for this service start at £405. The total sum will depend on the size of your link profile and your website.

Backlinks benefit your website only if:

To design an effective SEO backlink building strategy, you need to:

It takes time (spent on monotonous tasks) and money (sometimes web administrators are willing to place links for a fee).

If you’re not an expert on the technical side of SEO, you won’t be able to analyse neither the quality of external platforms nor the strategies your competitors employ. Simply placing backlinks left, right and centre might easily lead to penalties.

We can help you with SEO link-building promotion by:


analysing your competitors’ strategies efficiently and reliably;


compiling a list of targeted recommendations on what kind of links you need, how many and on which websites;


explaining how to assess the quality of potential external platforms for inbound links.

You will get a detailed outreach link building plan. As you start to implement it, you will see an increase in domain authority – and rankings and traffic with it.

Our fees for this service start at £1,138.

We offer



With 9+ years of experience in search engine marketing, our experts have promoted a wide range of diverse projects from medical products and services to online stores working in challenging and competitive niche markets.


Since 2013, we have devised our own work algorithm for fast and effective results. For every project, we involve a team of specialists in their respective fields:

  • a team lead to manage the promotion and draft the plan of action;
  • a webmaster to find technical errors that hamper promotion;
  • a link builder to do link promotion;
  • a semantics expert to determine search queries for promotion;
  • an optimizer to fill the website with high-quality optimized content;
  • an account manager to communicate with about any questions you might have.

We divide our responsibilities to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable: our specialists each work within their respective area of expertise to make our services affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.