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You could pay a lot of money to have the most brilliant copywriter in the world compose the most fascinating, amazing text you've ever seen, and your page wouldn't convert anyway. Creating SEO-oriented landing pages will help you with this.

More about search engine optimization

This refers to the process of improving parts of a website page to increase the chances that the page will be displayed in search results when someone enters a suitable query.

Google's main mission is to show me the results that, in its opinion, most closely match what I'm looking for. So, based on the signals he receives from all the pages on the Internet that could fit the definition of “incoming marketing report”, he decided to show me the ones that correspond to what I'm looking for.

It is important to note that it is obvious that you will find yourself on the first page of the list of search engine results. However, there are a few recommendations that you can follow to increase the chances that your site will end up there.

What Is a Landing Page

It is focused on the keywords for which you expect to get a rating, and necessarily includes a call to action (CTA). As a rule, this is part of a complex marketing campaign, the purpose of which is to increase your share in the total volume of search traffic in your industry. The key specificity of the landing page is a form designed to record information about visitors.

Why you need to focus on optimization

Landing pages are often the first, and sometimes even the only page on your site that the user sees – this means that it is worth directing your energy to them.

Unlike the home page, landing ones are designed specifically to convert traffic into buyers or regular customers; they are designed either to attract likely customers or to directly sell a product or service. 

A well-optimized landing page can be extremely effective at converting visitors, but one that misses the mark is a huge wasted opportunity.

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