International SEO

International SEO marketing is an optimization that allows search engines to correlate a resource with the country for which it is intended, and our agency services will simplify that goal for you.

Start reaching a global audience

Business owners and bloggers, experienced marketers and newcomers - all get overcome by the desire to go beyond their borders. Sometimes they take a bigger step than usual and decide to go global. They look at another country on the map and think to themselves: "Look at all those people who don't know yet that they like what I have to offer!" And then they start working to earn that admiration.

How does Google know what regions I want to target

Often search engines determine the site region themselves. If the domain zone of your site belongs to a regional one and contains the country code (.ru, .uk, .de), then the Google search engine will independently assign the country priority for ranking and it will not be possible to change it in any way.

If the domain zone is neutral (.com, .net, .info), but the company's activities extend to a certain region, then you can set it using the Google Search Console panel for webmasters.

Do other countries use different search engines

For marketers interested in succeeding on a global scale, knowing the list of international search engines should be a priority. In the US, Google holds a powerful 67% of the mobile and desktop combined search market, but that still leaves nearly a third of the searches performed occurring on other search engines. In other countries, local search engines can outnumber Google. For example, in China, a country with about 688 million internet users, Google is nonexistent as it withdrew from China.

Do I need a new website for each country I want to target

There are 2 possible options for promotion in several countries - subdomains development or promotion on the same domain. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and our seo-specialist will help you to choose the right one after an individual consultation.

What’s included in international websites SEO strategies from our company

  1. First, we analyze your niche and its leading competitors. We pay attention to keywords, structure and content, links; external and internal optimization.
  2. Then we draw up a promotion strategy. At this stage, we pre-plan the results and estimate the budget. 
  3. If you don't have a domain yet, then we select a domain name for a specific region. 
  4. We make up a semantic core in a foreign language. For quick promotion, we choose the most promising queries

Why work with Semantica

  • Long-term expertise in international promotion.
  • In-depth analysis and a detailed SEO strategy development.
  • High-quality multilingual website optimization.
  • Transparent promotion and clear results.

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