Google My Business Page Optimization

Your Google My Business listing is the face of your company.

Imagine someone who’s on their lunch break and they’d like to pop in to a hairdresser’s. They google “hairdresser’s London city centre” and what they see in the search results is websites of different beauty parlours and a knowledge panel.

The knowledge panel contains full details about the services offered, as well as relevant pictures, contact information and working hours. It provides a comprehensive description of the company, and it’s also more noticeable than other search results – the knowledge panel is bigger than snippets or the snack pack.

As a rule, users see just one company’s listing in the knowledge panel, and it’s the company that is most relevant to their:

How to use your listing effectively

There are ways to increase the chances of your listing being displayed in the knowledge panel for certain search queries, i.e. the ones that your potential clients are likely to use.

The big secret is to fill in the information about key services or goods correctly and upload good pictures. This kind of information:

We can help with Google My Business page optimization for your company with all the search engine guidelines in mind. As a result, you get a neat and accurate profile that will encourage users to contact your company.

We charge £338 for this service. 

A good Google My Business profile is immensely useful primarily for local businesses – restaurants, cafes, storefront shops and services.


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With 9+ years of experience in search engine marketing, our experts have promoted a wide range of diverse projects from medical products and services to online stores working in challenging and competitive niche markets.

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We divide our responsibilities to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable: our specialists each work within their respective area of expertise to make our services affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer

Since 2013, we have devised our own work algorithm for fast and effective results. For every project, we involve a team of specialists in their respective fields:

  • a team lead to manage the promotion and draft the plan of action;
  • a webmaster to find technical errors that hamper promotion;
  • a link builder to do link promotion;
  • a semantics expert to determine search queries for promotion;
  • an optimizer to fill the website with high-quality optimized content;
  • an account manager to communicate with about any questions you might have.