Email marketing services

First, let's agree not to confuse email-marketing agencies with spam overpowered mails. The difference is not obvious, but we will try to figure it out.


Email-marketing is a cross between spam and personal correspondence, that warms up customers and leads to purchase. It increases customer loyalty and brand trust, as well as awareness.

Main rule

— newsletter depends on the client. It is important — studying new buyer needs, letter moves to cherished goal — it is necessary service, product, revenue.

If you remember the golden rule of setting up a mailing list, the subscriber will not only open, read a letter, but will also wait for the next one.

Real efficiency

Nobody can do without email. It is used by 3.8 billion people worldwide. It is a perfect, discreet way to connect with customers.

Targeted email-marketing services show:

The advantage is mailing list is controlled by advertised company owner, which means that this is guarantee of high-quality content

What comes first

Think of inboxes and emails gone mercilessly into Spam Trash, unread.

Imagine company emails end up the same. What can be done to prevent this?

Email-marketing consulting services agencies will work out the strategy based on careful selection of mailing candidates and content formation.

Audience and goals

Effectiveness is measured by relevance to consumer profile. This could be a customer who looks at the website of an online store, adds an item to cart, but does not make a purchase. Remind him if he forgot or was waiting for his salary and now he will buy what he wanted.

A visitor signed up for updates, then show him a new summer collection. If warm weather is expected, your consumer is probably looking for new sundress.

Agencies will select the core of the audience based on the selected criteria.

Everything is clear here, the main goal is to sell your product or service, but do it competently and with a large conversion.

Give choice

You cannot force clients to love a product, and they cannot subscribe to your mailing list without getting to know you. Be sure to add a check mark on the registration page, and at first there won't be people on the list. Use an opportunity to hone all techniques on a small group of people, so as not to make mistakes when the audience grows. 

Company types and email marketing services cost

After determining the target audience and compiling a mailing list, you need to decide on the type of mailing, what content you want to convey to users:

At this stage, the frequency of the mailing is determined. Depending on the company, the number of letters varies from one to five per week, so online email-marketing services pricing depends on the selected type and frequency.

The effectiveness of mailing is learned empirically by calculating statistics, responses and conversions.

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