A lot of service industries are looking for ways to go online. Online promotion makes business mobile, accessible to clients. This is helped by e-commerce SEO service marketing companies and Semantica is one of the TOP-ones.

What is that

It includes business activity related to distribution, advertising, promotion and sales via the Internet. Actions are aimed at obtaining revenue and money in a global network falls under definition.

The sphere originated in the USA, developed in Europe, and in the late 90s started developing in China and Russia. Advertising companies all over the world literally made electronic commerce their main activity.

The basics

Advanced e-commerce SEO specialist knows the system combines global categories:

In terms of technology, it stands on three main pillars:

Unique selling proposal

Technical SEO optimization for e-commerce starts with developing a unique selling proposition, in other words, finding your differences against the background of customers.

Everything has been invented before, the task of business is to find unique features no one suggested in order to interest the consumer. You need to start with flaws the industry is full of, the analysis of competitors in order to get rid of when selling your product.

The advantage should not be the price. Rather, it is a mistake to attract a buyer by cost. Optimization based on a low price will lead a target audience that is greedy for profit for little money, auditory will not provide good constant income.

Analysis and semantic core

In addition to developing a unique selling proposal, constant analysis of key metrics and keyword performance is required.

Analysis is an objective assessment of a business, the presence of clear data will accurately determine its success. There are two metrics to study: conversion rate and customer acquisition cost.


On page SEO for e-commerce shows this indicator of the real number of customers who have bought a product or service relative to all visitors to an online store, website or landing page.

It can be used to assess the market interest in your company.

Customer acquisition cost

Displays data on how much you need to spend to “convince” the client that he should use your online store or purchase your product.

That is, if $2,000 was spent on SEO e-commerce marketing, and 50 people made the purchase, then the value of the cost will be $40. It is easy to guess that the lower this indicator, the better.


In addition to the two main indicators described earlier, the important ones include:

Specialized firms also provide data on customer value throughout the life cycle — that is equal to the amount of money spent by the consumer minus the cost of acquisition.

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Semantica offers a full cycle service, which includes the development of your turnkey business:

The data obtained allows the company to develop in the right direction: to understand when to buy new products, organize promotions, and even run an e-commerce SEO websites blog to increase customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty affects success companies developing level, provides constant income, making business useful, request-able, sustainable.