Content strategy

A content marketing strategy is created after studying your market and business, analyzing the activity of your competitors on the Internet: their SEO strategies, their traffic channels.

We will help you find a common language with the target audience and create the image of the company, determine your superpower and figure out how to show it in the media, tell you which channels to use and how to get results.

By creating a content strategy you get

  • A picture of what you have already done to promote and what results it has brought
  • More information about the audience, its needs and the websites where it can be found
  • Analytics on competitors and the reasons for their success in the market

How a content strategy can help your business

  • Increase market share without spending a lot of money on advertising
  • Attract the attention of the target audience to the new product
  • Optimize conversion rates
  • Increase sales

How we create a content strategy

It plays a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign, and there are lots of factors to consider if you’re looking to attract and convert leads. At Semantica, we don't take the service lightly – we put a great deal of time and effort into creating content strategies that are laser-focused on improving ROI, reducing marketing spend and boosting sales & leads.

  • We determine the priority tasks of your promotion
  • We conduct a deep analysis of the product, target audience and competitors
  • We select the appropriate tools and channels of communication with the audience
  • We analyze your ready-made content, explain why it doesn't work
  • We are developing a separate approach to each segment of target audience
  • We define tools for evaluating the effectiveness of promotion
  • We designate the resources and deadlines for the implementation of the strategy

Why you should choose Semantica as an agency to create a content strategy

We are an experienced player among the SEO market:

  • projects are carried out by a team of experienced specialists;
  • joint efforts of the client and the agency – your knowledge and experience in your industry will help us achieve results faster;
  • effective cases and grateful customers’ reviews are the best compliments to our work.