Sitemap Architecture

Creating a website for your goods is not enough. What you need to do is make sure that users can easily find all the information they might need, such as:

In addition to that, your website should have the optimal structure for search engine bots, site map architecture, which crawl it to index content and match it with the relevant queries to later display your website in search results.

So the optimal structure is:

What we offer for site map architecture

Our starting point is your goods and services. We take the semantic core and determine the best way to organise your website. For example, we make sure that the structure follows the 3-click rule: users should be able to go from one page to any other page in three clicks or less.

If your current sitemap architecture is not up to par – it’s not user-friendly or transparent – we create a new version of it and submit it for your approval. Until you greenlight it, we make no changes to the website, because we are not experts in your particular field. For example, if the goods you sell should be divided into categories, we might have an intuitive understanding of what should go where, but the final decision is only yours to make.

We check whether your website contains any breadcrumbs, i.e. navigational aid that helps users see which section they are currently viewing. Breadcrumb trail typically looks something like this: Main Page > Home Furnishings > Storage Systems > Bookcases and Shelving Units.

website navigation

Our fees start at £81. Total fee will be calculated on an individual basis, as different subjects present different levels of difficulty and may require more in-depth analysis.


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