The story of Apromera – Galvanized Metal Buckets manufacturer

When the client turned to us, he didn’t even have a website, so we had to deal with the project from scratch. The plans were to occupy the niche in England, Ireland and Europe - Napoleonic intentions and we had to contribute to this.

The topic was very unusual - buckets. And the fact that buckets in England are used by everyone, made the task more complicated, because the competition for the market was tough.

Website development

The main goal was to conquer the UK market, so we needed to develop a website.

It was necessary to create the right site structure — to think through the sections, to figure out which option would attract more traffic. It was necessary to find an option that was relevant not only for SEO, but also for a potential consumer.

Promotion beginning

We had to find which way to go. New website promotion was an absolutely non-trivial task, especially in the UK. We promised to reach TOP-10 for two high-frequency queries in 5 months.

We started from competitors' analysis. It included:

  • top search results analysis;
  • backlinks studying;
  • traffic analysis;
  • competitors website content analysis.

We have studied 27 competitive sites and identified the most "difficult" and successful one. The task was to understand and outdo his promotion strategy.

Intermediate results

We adopted the competitors' tools. We analysed their promotion methods and strategies they use to create a link profile, and then began to apply the information we received.

The competitors' advantages were link promotion tools, which we didn’t have. There came a second problem: the budget was extremely limited. 

What we did

  • posted links in English-language questionnaires.
  • created two donor sites on the Blogspot.
  • wrote and posted unique content with links.

As a result, we have achieved the link profile growth in extremely inexpensive ways.

The final stage

We followed the chosen strategy — built up the link profile, adapted the website usability and content for potential visitors. 

Of course, there were many difficulties. It was not so easy to work with copywriters and to set link exchange. But the problems were gradually solved and this gave us confidence that we would bring the website to the TOP.